Occupational Health Nurse Assistant/Advanced Nurse Aide

Occupational health nurses assistant assist Occupational Health Nurses or Safety officers  to prevent, investigate, and treat workplace-related illnesses and injuries. In order to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, occupational health nurses assistant assess workplaces in an effort to identify possible hazards.

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Accredited by SAIOSH

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per month for 2 total payments

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    1. raining on offer;
      ✅Certified Nurse Aide
      ✅Occupational Health Nurse Assistant
      ✅Patient Care Technician
      ✅Pharmacy Assistant/Clerk
      ✅Physical Therapy Aide
      ✅Health and Safety courses
      ✅Diploma in Security and Emergency Operations
      ✅Diploma in Safety and Security Management
      ✅Technical Certificate in Mining Safety
      ✅Construction Safety couurses

      Health Care Assistant accredited courses🇿🇼🇿🇦 October intake

      Level 1-Nurse Aid Title: Certified Nurse Assistant 1 month theory and 3 months Attachment $65 (whole training) ***

      Level 2:1 :Occupational Health Nurse Assistant- Advanced nurse aide (optional)* Category: Health and Safety

      Option A: Starting from scratch 2 months theory, 3 months attachment $115 (whole training) Option B: Upgrading from Nurse Aide, 1 month theory $50 (whole training) ***

      Level 2:2 Patient Care Technician -Advanced nurse aide (optional) Category: Lab Assistant, EKG,Dialysis, Pharmacology, Nursing/Patient Care Option A: Starting from scratch) 2 months theory and 3 months clinical practice $130 (Whole course-2 months) Option B: (Upgrading from nurse aid) 1 month theory $50 *****

      Certificate in Pharmacy Assistant $40/month Duration 3 months

      Certificate in Physical Therapy Assistant * $40/month Duration:3 months ******

  1. Hi can I have a fully detailed entry requirement for advanced nurse aide and how to register so I can register and pay as soon as possible thanks

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