Mortuary Technician Course

Mortuary technicians typically carry out the following tasks:
Receive the body of the deceased and prepare it for storage
Maintain accurate records of the deceased
Record and securely store the deceased’s personal belongings
Prepare the body for post-mortem
Support the pathologist during the post-mortem
Prepare tissue samples and specimens for the lab
Weigh organs as they are removed and record the findings
Complete reconstruction of the body ready for burial
Clean and sterilise all equipment used during the post mortem
Arrange for relatives to see the body of the deceased
Provide relatives with the death certificate
Work with funeral directors to release the body
With experience a mortuary technician may also carry out the following tasks:
Be trained to identify disease in organs to help determine the cause of death
Carry out the day-to-day management of the mortuary
Train, mentor and support trainee mortuary technicians

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Code: KMB1: Introduction to Embalming

Code: KMB5: Procedures for Preparing the Deceased for Embalming and Viewing

Code: KMB6: Embalming related Health and Safety Considerations

KMB7: Administrative and Legal Requirements related to Embalming, Burials, and Cremation

Counselling and burial process

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