City Lodge Hospitality and Security Management Certification Program

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to Hospitality
  2. Housekeeping Techniques
  3. Deportment and Ethics in the Hospitality Industry
  4. Customer Service Management Skills
  5. Food Safety and Environmental Hygiene Practices
  6. Safety and Security Management

   – Workplace Safety Protocols

   – Visitor’s Logbook Management

   – Surveillance Technology Utilization

This OBFI’s comprehensive 3-month program will equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in managing city lodges, including maintaining high standards of hospitality, ensuring cleanliness, upholding professional conduct, delivering exceptional customer service, implementing food safety practices, and managing safety and security effectively. Upon completion, participants will receive a “City Lodge Hospitality and Security Management Certification.”

The OBFI  “City Lodge Hospitality and Security Management Certification Program” offers participants an enhanced skill set covering hospitality, housekeeping, customer service, safety, and security management. Graduates can expect career advancement opportunities in city lodges, hotels, security firms, event management companies, and facility management companies. The program equips individuals with relevant skills for the industry, enhancing job market prospects and professional development.

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